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klystrack(1) General Commands Manual klystrack(1)


klystrack - make C64/NES/Amiga-style chiptunes


klystrack [options] files...


This manual page documents briefly the klystrack command.

klystrack is a tracker for making C64/NES/Amiga-style chiptunes on a modern platform. It can be used to create audio for games.


Additive synthesis with filters (think SID, Atari, NES etc.)
Hard sync and ring modulation (like SID)
FM synthesis (think Adlib, MSX, OPL2 etc.)
Wavetable for samples or custom waveforms to be used in synthesis (think Amiga, SNES)
Built-in wave generator and editor
Programmable instruments not limited to simple arpeggios
Sequencer Tracker with free positioning of patterns
Pattern transpose
Pattern length is not fixed
Hard limit of 32 channels but this can be raised (just ask if you need more... sounds crazy, though)
Fully themeable, includes half dozen themes
Effects Stereo chorus
SNES-style multitap echo
Bit crusher/decimator
Export Own custom format with a tiny playback library to be used in games, demos etc.
Export as .WAV
Export each track as separate .WAV's
Export wavetable items as .WAV's (use klystrack to create one-cycle waveforms for other synths!)
Import Import .WAV's to use as samples
Import Protracker and FT2 modules
Import C64 SID files (Rob Hubbard player)



adtrack2(1), protracker(1), goattracker(1), milkytracker(1), schismtracker(1).

December 12 2017