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KDOCKER(1) General Commands Manual KDOCKER(1)


 kdocker - dock any application in the system tray


kdocker [options]


 KDocker is a program that will dock any application to the system tray


 Show author information
 Suppress the warning dialog when docking non-normal windows (blind mode)
 Maximum time in seconds to allow for a command to start and open a window
 [default: 5 seconds]
 Name matching syntax. Choices are:
  n = normal, substring matching [default]
  r = regex (regular expression)
  u = unix wildcard
  w = wildcard
  x = W3C XML Schema 1.1
 Dock window that has focus (active window)
 Display this help, then exit
 Custom icon path
 Custom attention icon path. This icon is set if the title
 of the application window changes while it is iconified.
 Case sensitive name (title) matching
 Regex minimal matching
 Iconify when focus lost
 Keep application window showing (don't hide on dock)
 Match window based on its title
 Iconify when obscured by other windows
 By default, when the title of the application changes,
 a popup is displayed from the system tray for 4 seconds
 Works well with music players
 Disable ballooning title changes (quiet)
 Remove this application from the pager
 Make the window sticky (appears on all desktops)
 Remove this application from the taskbar
 Show the KDocker version string, then exit
 Window id of the application to dock
 Assumes hex number of the form 0x###...
 Process id of the application to dock
 Assumes decimal number of the form ###...


 KDocker was written by Girish Ramakrishnan
 Revised and maintained by John Schember


Bugs and wishes to the KDocker Home Page <>

10 March, 2020 Version 5.3