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MAKE-JPKG(1) General Commands Manual MAKE-JPKG(1)


make-jpkg - builds Debian packages from Java binary distributions


make-jpkg [OPTION]... [FILE]


make-jpkg builds a Debian package from the given Java distribution FILE.

Supported java binary distributions currently include:
* Oracle ( :
- The Java Development Kit (JDK), version 6, 7 and 8
- The Java Runtime Environment (JRE), version 6, 7 and 8
- The Java API Javadoc, version 6, 7 and 8
(Choose tar.gz archives or self-extracting archives, do _not_ choose the RPM!)

The following options are recognized:

full name used in the maintainer field of the package
email address used in the maintainer field of the package
distribution to use in the debian changelog for the resulting package
numeric priority for use by update-alternatives. This overrides the default priority, which is intentionally lower than that of the Debian-provided OpenJDK packages. Only use this option if the generated package should be considered higher priority by update-alternatives.
create a .changes file
add debian revision
build a source package instead of a binary deb package
Replace the JVMs keystore with a softlink to the system's keystore, (/etc/ssl/certs/java/cacerts) which is managed automatically by the ca-certificates and ca-certificates-java packages.
Replace cryptography files with versions from the specified JCE_POLICY_FILE.
display help text and exit
output version information and exit

Download a supported JRE, JDK, API tar.gz or self-extracting archive from and execute make-jpkg file with the downloaded file. The program asks the user for additional information and builds a Debian binary package in the current directory.

The program requires about 400 MB free disk space in a temporary directory. The temporary directory defaults to /tmp but you can specify an alternate directory by setting the environment variable TMPDIR.


To install Oracle(TM) 8 Standard Edition JDK, download a release from and invoke make-jpkg, for example:

make-jpkg <path_to_download_directory>/jdk-8u102-linux-x64.tar.gz

This generate a Debian package in the current directory, that can be installed using dpkg:

dpkg -i oracle-java8-jdk_8u102_amd64.deb

When you're done, you can delete initial download as well as generated package:

rm <path_to_download_directory>/jdk-8u102-linux-x64.tar.gz oracle-java8-jdk_8u102_amd64.deb


base directory used for temporary files (defaults to /tmp)
full name used in the maintainer field of the package; if none is supplied then the default of "Debian Java Maintainers" is used.
email address used in the maintainer field of the package; if none is supplied the default of "" is used.




This manual page was written by Hubert Schmid <>.

It is now maintained by the Debian Java Maintainers <>.

September 10, 2016