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IWD.AP(5) Linux Connectivity IWD.AP(5)


iwd.ap - Configuration of IWD access points


iwd.ap - Access point provisioning files


Description of access point provisioning files.


An access point provisioning file defines the configuration of an IWD access point. These files live in $STATE_DIRECTORY/ap (/var/lib/iwd/ap by default). They are read when the net.connman.iwd.AccessPoint.StartProfile(ssid) DBus method is used.


See for details on the settings file syntax.


The settings are split into several categories. Each category has a group associated with it and is described in the corresponding table below.

General Settings

The group [General] contains general AP configuration.

Channel Channel number Optional channel number for the access point to operate on. Only the 2.4GHz-band channels are currently allowed.

Network Authentication Settings

The group [Security] contains settings for Wi-Fi security and authentication configuration.

Passphrase 8..63 character string WPA-PSK Passphrase to be used with this access point. At least one of Passphrase, PreSharedKey must be present.
PreSharedKey 64-character hex-string Processed passphrase for this network in the form of a hex-encoded 32-byte pre-shared key. Either this or Passphrase must be present.

IPv4 Network Configuration

The group [IPv4] contains settings for IWD's built-in DHCP server. All settings are optional. They're used if network configuration was enabled as described in iwd.config(5). Omitting the [IPv4] group disables network configuration for this access point so if an all-defaults DHCP setup is desired, the group header line must still be present:

# Enable network configuration
[other groups follow]

Address Local IP address Optional local address pool for the access point and the DHCP server. If provided this addresss will be set on the AP interface and any other DHCP server options will be derived from it, unless they are overridden by other settings below. If Address is not provided and no IP address is set on the interface prior to calling StartProfile, the IP pool defined by the global [General].APRanges setting will be used.
Gateway IP Address of gateway IP address of the gateway to be advertised by DHCP. This will fall back to the local IP address if not provided.
Netmask Local netmask of the AP This will be generated from [IPv4].Address if not provided.
DNSList List of DNS servers as a comma-separated IP address list A list of DNS servers which will be advertised by the DHCP server. If not provided no DNS servers will be sent by the DHCP server.
LeaseTime Time limit for DHCP leases in seconds Override the default lease time.
IPRange Range of IPs given as two addresses separated by a comma From and to addresses of the range assigned to clients through DHCP. If not provided the range from local address + 1 to .254 will be used.

Wi-Fi Simple Configuration

The group [WSC] fine-tunes some Wi-Fi Simple Configuration local parameters (formerly known as WPS, Wi-Fi Protected Setup.)

DeviceName 1..32-character string Optional Device Name string for the AP to advertise as. Defaults to the SSID.
PrimaryDeviceType Subcategory string or a 64-bit integer Optional Primary Device Type for the AP to advertise as. Defaults to PC computer. Can be specified as a lower-case WSC v2.0.5 subcategory string or a 64-bit integer encoding, from MSB to LSB: the 16-bit category ID, the 24-bit OUI, the 8-bit OUI type and the 16-bit subcategory ID.
AuthorizedMACs Comma-separated MAC address list Optional list of Authorized MAC addresses for the WSC registrar to check on association. Each address is specified in the colon-hexadecimal notation. Defaults to no MAC-based checks.




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