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Pattern(3I) Pattern(3I)


Pattern - fill patterns


#include <InterViews/pattern.h>


A pattern defines how to fill areas during graphics operations. A pattern is essentially a mask for drawing that is replicated to fill the size of the destination.

N.B.: Patterns are relatively low-level objects, typically used to implement an alpha value for a color. Since the color object now supports an alpha value, there is no need to use patterns.


Create a solid pattern.
Create a pattern with the given width and height, using the bits described by the first parameter.
Create a 4x4 pattern determined from the least significant 16 bits of the parameter.
Construct a 16x16 pattern from the given data. This function is provided solely for backward compatibility and will be removed in the future.
Construct a pattern from the bitmap. If necessary, the bitmap will be tiled or truncated to satisfy window system requirements for fill pattern sizes.



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