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MoveTool(3U) InterViews Reference Manual MoveTool(3U)


MoveTool - tool for translating components


#include <Unidraw/Tools/move.h>


MoveTool lets the user translate components to new positions by direct manipulation.


Create a new MoveTool.
CreateManipulator detects whether the user clicked on a component. If not, it clears the editor's selection and returns a nil manipulator. If a component was hit, and if the component was not previously selected, then CreateManipulator clears the editor's selection, selects the component the user hit, and delegates manipulator creation and interpretation to it. If the component was the only selected component, it again delegates manipulator creation and interpretation to the component, but the selection is unaltered. If the user clicks on one of many selected components, then CreateManipulator will delegate manipulator creation and interpretation without altering the selection by calling GraphicView::CreateManipulator and GraphicView::InterpretManipulator on the component.


GraphicView(3U), Tool(3U)

24 January 1991 Unidraw