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Dialog(3I) InterViews Reference Manual Dialog(3I)


Dialog - popup dialog interactor


#include <InterViews/dialog.h>


A dialog is an interactor that handles input for a dialog box. The dialog layout is specified by a separate interactor passed to the dialog constructor. The dialog completes when the value of an associated button state becomes non-zero. This button state is typically set by one or more buttons in the component interactor.


Construct a new dialog with the given button state and interactor. The alignment is used by the Popup operation.
Set the dialog button state to zero and loop reading events until the button state's value becomes non-zero. Each event is passed to is target's Handle operation. Return true if the value is one, false otherwise.
Insert the dialog into the world associated with the given event. If placed is true, align the dialog around the event's (xy) coordinate. Otherwise, the dialog is inserted without specifying a position. Popup then calls the Accept operation and returns its value.


Button(3I), Interactor(3I), World(3I)

11 August 1988 InterViews