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IMAGE-FACTORY-SUDO-HELPER(1) image-factory-sudo-helper’s Manual IMAGE-FACTORY-SUDO-HELPER(1)


image-factory-sudo-helper - Run certain commands as root


image-factory-sudo-helper COMMAND


image-factory can be run as normal user, but it need root permission for a few operations like chmod, mount, and umount. Since these operations cannot be secured with sudo’s wildcards, image-factory-sudo-helper was introduced to check the commands using regular expression.

image-factory-sudo-helper will take a command (including parameters) and checks if it one of the three allowed commands:

chmod on files or (sub-)directories in /tmp/image-factory
mount of loop device in /tmp/image-factory
umount in /tmp/image-factory

If the given command passes is one of the allowed commands, it will be executed. Otherwise an error message will be printed.


To allow running image-factory as normal user, only image-factory-sudo-helper needs sudo permission for the user. Example sudo configuration for user jenkins:

jenkins ALL = NOPASSWD:SETENV: /usr/bin/image-factory-sudo-helper


If the environment variable DRYRUN is set, the given command will not be executed but printed instead.


Benjamin Drung <>

2020-08-05 image-factory-sudo-helper