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IMGREP(1p) Internet Message commands IMGREP(1p)


imgrep - search for mail/news messages




The imgrep command enumerates mail/news messages matched given patterns.

This command is provided by IM (Internet Message).


message source: "+folder:[range[,range..]]".

"--src=+xxx" is equivalent to "+xxx".

Output format: "number", "folder", or "path".

(default: "number" for single target folder, "path" for multiple target folders)

Case sensitivity. (This option affects both fieldname and pattern.)

Default value is "on".

Search expression:

Usable keyword

        & &&    logical AND
        | ||    logical OR
        !       logical NOT
        ( )     parens
        fieldname=pattern       search pattern for the field

Special fieldname:

        head    Entire header
        body    Entire body
        all     Entire message
Mail header delimiter.

Default value is "\n\n|\n----\n".

Duplicate check target ('none', 'message-id', or 'message-id+subject'). Default value is 'none'.
Do not show any messages.
Print verbose messages when running.
Print debug messages when running.
Display help message and exit.
Output version information and exit.


IM (Internet Message) is copyrighted by IM developing team. You can redistribute it and/or modify it under the modified BSD license. See the copyright file for more details.

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