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hubicfuse(8) System Manager's Manual hubicfuse(8)


hubicfuse - mount hubiC storage


hubicfuse <mountpoint> [options]


hubicfuse provides access to hubiC storage via a mountpoint, using FUSE.


hubicfuse accepts the following general options:

displays a help message
displays the version of hubicfuse
enables debug input (implies -f)
starts hubicfuse in the foreground
disables multi-threaded operation
adds an option; this may be repeated as many times as necessary (see fuse(8) for details of the available options)


hubicfuse needs some configuration settings to run; these can be provided as mount options or stored in the .hubicfuse file in the user's home directory. The required settings are:

the Hubic client identifier, which can be obtained from;
the Hubic client secret, which can be obtained along with the identifier;
the authentication token, which can be obtained using the hubic_token script (in /usr/share/hubicfuse).

The following optional settings are available:

the number of seconds directories are kept in the cache (600 by default);
true or false to enable or disable SSL certificate verification (enabled by default);
the size to use when creating DLOs (1073741824 by default, i.e. 1GB);
the file size at which to start using segments (2147483648 by default, i.e. 2GB);
the storage URL for other tenants to view the container;
the public container to expose via the given storage_url;
the directory to use for storing temporary files;
true or false to enable or disable downloading file attributes (detailed time, owner, permissions; enabling this will result in reduced performance)
true or false to enable or disable detailing debugging information on curl requests (this produces lots of output);
true or false to enable or disable progress information on curl requests (mostly useful for debugging);
the number of seconds to cache requests to statfs (cloud statistics), 0 to disable;
0, 1 or 2 to specify the level of debugging verbosity in conjunction with the -d command-line switch (0 selects minimal verbosity);
true to enable chmod support on FUSE;
true to enable chown support on FUSE.




hubicfuse was written by Pascal Obry, Tim Dysinger, Chris Wedgwood, Nick Craig-Wood, Dillon Amburgey, Manfred Touron, David Brownlee, Mike Lundy, justinb, Matt Greenway and Dan Cristian. This manual page was adapted from the program usage information by Stephen Kitt, for the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others).

October 17, 2016 hubicfuse