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METADATA(1) User Commands METADATA(1)


Metadata - extract meta-datas from a file


usage: hachoir-metadata [options] files


show this help message and exit
Option of metadata extraction and display
Only display file type (description)
Only display MIME type
Quantify of information to display from 1 to 9 (9 is the maximum)
Raw output
Run benchmark
List all parsers then exit
Run profiler
Display version and exit
Information quality (0.0=fastest, 1.0=best, and default is 0.5)
Maximum string length in characters, 0 means unlimited (default: 300)
Hachoir library:
Configure Hachoir library
Verbose mode
Write log in a file
Quiet mode (don't display warning)
Debug mode
January 2010 Metadata extractor version 1.3