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sge_schedule(5) File Formats Manual sge_schedule(5)


sge_schedule - format of the Grid Engine schedule file


The schedule file is written by the qmaster when MONITOR=1 is set in the params item of sched_conf(5).

Note that the file tends to grow rapidly, and should be truncated/rotated, e.g. with logrotate(1). Also it should probably be placed on local disk, not an NFS-mounted filesystem, for instance, because of the large number of small writes it typically gets - e.g. make a symbolic link into the qmaster spool area (assuming that is local).

See qsched(1) for a tool to process the data and produce information on reservations.


A line containing
indicates the start of a scheduling interval. It is followed by lines showing the resource usage considered for the interval. They contain the following fields, delimited by ':'.

The numeric job id;
The task id (1 for serial jobs);
The for listing the utilization. One of the following, depending on the job's state:
Running before the interval;
Suspended before the interval;
To be preempted/migrated (currently unused);
To be started;
Having resources reserved through advance or normal resource reservation.
Start of resource utilization, in seconds after the epoch;
End of resource utilization, as above;
The level at which resources are considered. One of:
Parallel environment.
Name of the relevant queue, host, parallel environment, or "global";
Complex name in use or being reserved;
Amount of the named complex.




sched_conf(5), qsched(1).