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v.lrs.label(1grass) GRASS GIS User's Manual v.lrs.label(1grass)


v.lrs.label - Creates stationing from input lines, and linear reference system.


vector, linear reference system, network


v.lrs.label --help
v.lrs.label input=name output=name [llayer=string] [rsdriver=string] [rsdatabase=string] rstable=string [labels=string] [offset=string[,string,...]] [xoffset=float] [yoffset=float] [reference=string] [font=string] [size=integer] [color=name] [width=integer] [highlight_color=name] [highlight_width=integer] [bgcolor=name] [border=name] [opaque=string] [--overwrite] [--help] [--verbose] [--quiet] [--ui]


Allow output files to overwrite existing files

Print usage summary

Verbose module output

Quiet module output

Force launching GUI dialog


Name of input vector map
Input vector map containing lines

Output vector map where stationing will be written

Layer number or name
Line layer
Default: 1

Driver name for reference system table
Options: dbf, mysql, odbc, ogr, pg, sqlite
Default: sqlite

Database name for reference system table
Default: $GISDBASE/$LOCATION_NAME/$MAPSET/sqlite/sqlite.db

Name of the reference system table

Label file

PM left, MP right, stationing left, stationing right offset
Default: 50,100,25,25

Offset label in label x-direction in map units
Default: 25

Offset label in label y-direction in map units
Default: 5

Reference position
Options: center, left, right, upper, lower
Default: center

Default: standard

Label size (in map-units)
Options: 1-1000
Default: 100

Text color
Either a standard color name or R:G:B triplet
Default: black

Line width of text
Only for d.label output
Options: 1-100
Default: 1

Highlight color for text
Either a standard color name, R:G:B triplet, or "none"
Default: none

Line width of highlight color
Only for d.label output
Options: 0-100
Default: 0

Background color
Either a standard color name, R:G:B triplet, or "none"
Default: none

Border color
Either a standard color name, R:G:B triplet, or "none"
Default: none

Opaque to vector
Only relevant if background color is selected
Options: yes, no
Default: yes


v.lrs.label generates LRS labels for pretty-printing of a LRS. This example is written for the Spearfish dataset (it continues the example from v.lrs.create).

v.lrs.label route_lrs rstable=route_lrs output=route_lrs_labels \

labels=labels col=red size=50 xoffset=100 g.region vector=route_lrs n=n+100 s=s-100 -p d.erase d.vect route_lrs d.vect route_lrs_labels col=grey type=line d.vect busstops disp=attr attr=cat size=10 bg=white lcol=green yref=bottom d.vect busstops icon=basic/circle fcol=green d.labels labels


LRS tutorial,
Introducing the Linear Reference System in GRASS,
v.lrs.create, v.lrs.segment, v.lrs.where, d.labels, v.label


Radim Blazek, ITC-irst/MPA Solutions
Documentation update (based on above journal article and available fragments): Markus Neteler


Available at: v.lrs.label source code (history)

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