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t.vect.what.strds(1grass) GRASS GIS User's Manual t.vect.what.strds(1grass)


t.vect.what.strds - Stores raster map values at spatial and temporal positions of vector points as vector attributes.


temporal, sampling, vector, time


t.vect.what.strds --help
t.vect.what.strds input=name strds=name [column=string] method=string [where=sql_query] [t_where=sql_query] [sampling=name[,name,...]] [--help] [--verbose] [--quiet] [--ui]


Print usage summary

Verbose module output

Quiet module output

Force launching GUI dialog


Name of the input space time vector dataset

Name of the input space time raster dataset

Name of the vector column to be created and to store sampled raster values
The use of a column name forces t.vect.what.rast to sample only values from the first map found in an interval. Otherwise the raster map names are used as column names

Aggregate operation to be performed on the raster maps
Options: disabled, average, count, median, mode, minimum, min_raster, maximum, max_raster, stddev, range, sum, variance, diversity, slope, offset, detcoeff, quart1, quart3, perc90, quantile, skewness, kurtosis
Default: disabled

WHERE conditions of SQL statement without ’where’ keyword
Example: income < 1000 and population >= 10000

WHERE conditions of SQL statement without ’where’ keyword used in the temporal GIS framework
Example: start_time > ’2001-01-01 12:30:00’

The method to be used for sampling the input dataset
Options: start, during, overlap, contain, equal, follows, precedes
Default: start


The module t.vect.what.strds samples a space time raster dataset (STRDS) at the spatio-temporal locations of a space time vector dataset (STVDS).


The example is based on the space time vector dataset "precip_stations@climate_2009_2012" created in the t.vect.observe.strds example. In the example below, the module fills the new column "new_temp" with values extracted from the "tempmean_monthly" space time raster dataset:

t.vect.what.strds input=precip_stations@climate_2009_2012 \

strds=tempmean_monthly@climate_2009_2012 \
column=new_temp method=average


r.univar, v.univar, v.what.rast, v.what.rast3, v.what.strds, v.what.vect, t.create,


Sören Gebbert, Thünen Institute of Climate-Smart Agriculture


Available at: t.vect.what.strds source code (history)

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