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NAME - Downloads and imports data from OGC WMS and OGC WMTS web mapping servers.


raster, import, OGC web services, OGC WMS, OGC WMTS

SYNOPSIS --help [-cob] url=string output=name layers=string[,string,...] [styles=string[,string,...]] [format=string] [srs=integer] [driver=string] [wms_version=string] [maxcols=integer] [maxrows=integer] [urlparams=string] [username=string] [password=string] [method=string] [region=string] [bgcolor=string] [proxy=string] [proxy_user_pw=string] [capfile=name] [capfile_output=name] [--overwrite] [--help] [--verbose] [--quiet] [--ui]


Get the server capabilities, print them out, then exit

Do not request transparent data

Keep original bands (default: create composite)

Allow output files to overwrite existing files

Print usage summary

Verbose module output

Quiet module output

Force launching GUI dialog


Typically starts with "http://"

Name for output raster map

Layer(s) to request from the map server

Layer style(s) to request from the map server

Image format requested from the server
Options: geotiff, tiff, jpeg, gif, png, png8
Default: png

EPSG code of requested source projection
Default: 4326

Driver used for communication with the server
Default: WMS_GRASS
WMS_GDAL: Download data using GDAL WMS driver
WMS_GRASS: Download data using native GRASS-WMS driver
WMTS_GRASS: Download data using native GRASS-WMTS driver
OnEarth_GRASS: Download data using native GRASS-OnEarth driver

WMS standard version
Options: 1.1.0, 1.1.1, 1.3.0
Default: 1.1.1

Maximum columns to request at a time
Default: 512

Maximum rows to request at a time
Default: 512

Additional query parameters to pass to the server

Username for server connection

Password for server connection

Interpolation method to use in reprojection
Options: nearest, linear, cubic, cubicspline
Default: nearest

Request data for this named region instead of the current region bounds

Background color
Format: 0xRRGGBB

HTTP proxy only GDAL driver (GDAL_HTTP_PROXY)
HTTP proxy

User and password for HTTP proxy only for GDAL driver (GDAL_HTTP_PROXYUSERPWD). Must be in the form of [user name]:[password].
User and password for HTTP proxy

Capabilities file to parse (input). It is relevant for WMTS_GRASS and OnEarth_GRASS drivers

File where the server capabilities will be saved (’c’ flag)

DESCRIPTION handles all of downloading and importing raster data from OGC WMS and OGC WMTS web mapping servers. It only needs be told the desired data to collect (bounds and resolution) via a region, the server to get the data from, and the layer or layers to get. It downloads the data in tiles, reprojects it, imports it, and patches it back together.


To understand the data you are getting it is necessary to look at the capabilities of the WMS server. This should be available via a capabilities request (see examples)

If possible, the EPSG code of the current location should be used with the srs option to avoid unnecessary reprojection.

When using GDAL WMS driver (driver=WMS_GDAL), the GDAL library needs to be built with WMS support, see GDAL WMS manual page for details.

Tiled WMS

Into the parameter layers the name of the TiledGroup need to be inserted from Tile Service file. Time variable can be specified in urlparams parameter, e.g: urlparams=’time=2012-1-1’.


General Get Capabilities Request

# Topographic WMS with OpenStreetMap by mundialis -c url="" -c url="" | grep Name
# Czech WMS -c url=""

Download raster data from WMS server (GetMap request)

Open Street Map

g.region n=90 s=-90 w=-180 e=180 res=0:10:00 -p url="" layers=osm_auto:all output=osm format=png osm

# OSM Overlay WMS (can be used as an overlay for other maps) url="" layer=OSM-Overlay-WMS output=osm_overlay format=png
# TOPO-OSM-WMS url="" layer=TOPO-OSM-WMS output=topo_osm format=png topo_osm
# TOPO-WMS url="" layer=TOPO-WMS output=topo format=png topo

More OSM WMS servers can be found online, e.g. on the OSM wiki in a OSM WMS Servers list and on the OSM-WMS-EUROPE page.

Countries and coastlines url="" layers=Countries,Borders,Coastline output=countries srs=4326 format=png countries

Sentinel-2 satellite cloud free global coverage

# North Carolina sample data
g.region raster=elevation -p url="" layers=s2cloudless output=sentinel2 format=png sentinel2

Figure: Raleigh (NC, USA) seen by Sentinel-2 (10m resolution; image courtesy: EOX)


output=orthophoto srs=3857 format=jpeg driver=WMTS_GRASS style=normal password="*" username="*" orthophoto

Note: username, password and API key can be obtained from IGN API website

Data covering the Czech Republic url="" layers=prehledka_kraju-linie srs=4326 output=kn format=png url="" layers=orto output=orthophoto \

srs=3857 format=jpeg driver=WMTS_GRASS style=default orthophoto

Note: data are provided by Czech office for surveying, mapping and cadastre.

Satellite data covering Europe

Copernicus Core003 View Services - Optical VHR2 coverage over EU 2011-2013 (provided by JRC; usage is restricted to non-commercial activities):

# get WMS layer list -c url="" -c url="" | grep Name
# spatial subset of Europe
# enlarging maxcols and maxrows in order to minimize impact of copyright notice in map
g.region n=56 s=47 w=5 e=16 res=0:00:10 -pa url="" \

layer="OI.Mosaic.NaturalColor.Feathering" output="jrc_copernicus_core003_mosaik" \
maxcols=3400 maxrows=3400 jrc_copernicus_core003_mosaik

REQUIREMENTS requires the gdalwarp utility from the GDAL/OGR library.



SEE ALSO, r.patch, r.colors, r.composite,

See also WMS support in wxGUI.


Stepan Turek, Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech Republic
(bachelor’s final project 2012, mentor: Martin Landa)


Available at: source code (history)

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