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d.barscale(1grass) GRASS GIS User's Manual d.barscale(1grass)


d.barscale - Displays a barscale on the graphics monitor.


display, cartography


d.barscale --help
d.barscale [-ftn] [style=string] [at=x,y] [length=integer] [units=string] [label=string] [segment=integer] [color=name] [bgcolor=name] [text_position=string] [width_scale=float] [font=string] [fontsize=float] [path=name] [charset=string] [--help] [--verbose] [--quiet] [--ui]


Use feet/miles instead of meters

Draw the scale bar without text

Display north-arrow symbol.

Print usage summary

Verbose module output

Quiet module output

Force launching GUI dialog


Type of barscale to draw
Options: classic, line, solid, hollow, full_checker, part_checker, mixed_checker, tail_checker, up_ticks, down_ticks, both_ticks, arrow_ends
Default: classic
classic: Classic style
line: Line style
solid: Solid style
hollow: Hollow style
full_checker: Full checker style
part_checker: Part checker style
mixed_checker: Mixed checker style
tail_checker: Tail checker style
up_ticks: Up ticks style
down_ticks: Down ticks style
both_ticks: Both ticks style
arrow_ends: Arrow ends style

Screen coordinates of the rectangle’s top-left corner
(0,0) is lower-left of the display frame
Options: 0-100
Default: 0.0,10.0

Length of barscale in map units
Options: 0-
Default: 0

Barscale units to display
Options: meters, kilometers, feet, miles

Custom label of unit

Number of segments
Options: 1-100
Default: 10

Bar scale and text color
Either a standard color name or R:G:B triplet
Default: black

Background color (drawn behind the bar)
Either a standard color name, R:G:B triplet, or "none"
Default: white

Text position
Options: under, over, left, right
Default: right

Scale factor to change bar width
Options: 0.5-100
Default: 1

Font name

Font size
Options: 1-360
Default: 12

Path to font file

Text encoding (only applicable to TrueType fonts)


d.barscale displays a barscale on the graphics monitor at the given screen coordinates. If no coordinates are given it will draw the barscale in the bottom left of the display.

The barscale can drawn in a number of styles (see style parameter for their previews).


d.barscale will not work in Lat/Lon locations as the horizontal scale distance changes with latitude. Try d.grid instead.


d.graph, d.grid, d.legend, d.northarrow, g.region


unknown, but from USACE/CERL.
Major rewrite for GRASS 7 by Hamish Bowman


Available at: d.barscale source code (history)

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