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GLASSGUI(1) Linux Audio Manual GLASSGUI(1)

.SH "NAME" glassgui - Single-stream GUI front-end for the glasscoder(1) audio encoder


.HP 216u

glassgui [OPTIONS]


.PP glassgui(1) is a GUI front end for a single instance of the glasscoder(1) audio encoder. It provides a convenient and discoverable means for creating and saving glasscoder(1) invocations as well as an instance management system for saving multiple sets of configurations on the local system.

.PP For a GUI front-end that is capable of managing dozens of glasscoder(1) instances simultaneously, see glasscommander(1).


.PP --autostart

Start encoding immediately upon startup.


.PP --delete-instance=name

Delete the name instance from storage and then exit.


.PP --instance-directory=dir

Use dir as the location for storing instance data. Default value is $HOME/.glassgui.


.PP --instance-name=name

Load and save settings from/to the name instance.


.PP --list-instances

Print the list of saved instances to standard output and then exit.



.PP Fred Gleason <>


.PP glasscoder(1), glasscommander(1)


Fred Gleason <>

Application Author
06/05/2020 January 2020