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RUNGHC(1) General Commands Manual RUNGHC(1)


runghc - program to run Haskell programs without first having to compile them.


runghc [runghc|flags] [GHC|flags] module [program|flags]...


runghc is considered a non-interactive interpreter and part of The Glasgow Haskell Compiler. runghc is a compiler that automatically runs its results at the end.


it tells runghc which GHC to use to run the program. If it is not given then runghc will search for GHC in the directories in the system search path. runghc -f /path/to/ghc
runghc will try to work out where the boundaries between [runghc flags] and [GHC flags], and [GHC flags] and module are, but you can use a -- flag if it doesn't get it right. For example, runghc -- -fglasgow-exts Foo means runghc won't try to use glasgow-exts as the path to GHC, but instead will pass the flag to GHC.


runghc -f /path/to/ghc foo


ghc(1), ghci(1).


Copyright 2002, The University Court of the University of Glasgow. All rights reserved.


This manual page was written by Efrain Valles Pulgar <>. This is free documentation; see the GNU General Public Licence version 2 or later for copying conditions. There is NO WARRANTY.

28 NOVEMBER 2007