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GFRM(1) Gfarm GFRM(1)


gfrm - remove Gfarm files, directories, or file replicas


gfrm [-frn] [-h filesystem-node] [-D domain-name] gfarm-URL...


gfrm removes each specified file. It does not remove directories unless the -r option is specified.

With the -h or -D option, gfrm removes file replicas on the specified filesystem node(s). A file replica cannot be removed when the number of replicas is less than gfarm.ncopy or gfarm.replicainfo extended attribute.



Ignores no such file or directory error.


Prints file names to be deleted, but does not delete them.


Removes all entries under the directories specified by the command-line argument recursively.

-h filesystem-node

Specifies a filesystem node from which file replicas will be removed.

-D domain-name

Specifies a domain name of filesystem nodes on which file replicas will be removed.


Displays a list of command options.


gfncopy(1), gfarm_attr(5)

25 Dec 2014 Gfarm