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GFLS(1) Gfarm GFLS(1)


gfls - list contents of Gfarm directory


gfls [options] [path...]


List information of files or contents of directories specified by path.



Do not hide entries starting with ``.''.


Do not list ``.'' and ``..''.


Multi-column output. This is the default output format.


Display dirset name of the directory quota feature.


List directory entries instead of the contents.

-E seconds

Specifies seconds to hold attribute cache. If 0 is specified, attributes won't be cached.


Append indicator (one of */=@|) to entries.


Display numbers in human readable format by adding a prefix multiplier symbol like "M" (mega). Since this option uses powers of 1024, "M" means 1,048,576.


Display inode number.


List in long format, including mode, owner, group, size in bytes, time of last modification for each file.


Reverse the order while sorting.


Recursively lists subdirectories encountered.


Sort by file size.


Sort by time stamp instead of by name.


With the -l option, show complete date format.


Prints one entry per line of output.


displays a list of command options.
11 Nov 2016 Gfarm