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GBSPLAYRC(5) Gameboy sound player GBSPLAYRC(5)


gbsplayrc - Gameboy sound player configuration file


This manpage describes the configuration file format of gbsplay(1).


A configuration file is a text file that may contain options for gbsplay(1) as well as comments.

Comments are introduced by a hash mark ("#"). A comment continues to the end of the line.

Whitespace, including empty lines, is ignored.

An option is set by giving the option name, followed by an equal sign ("=") and the option value.

Option value types

Option values can be of these types:

An integer number in decimal. 0 is considered false, everything else is true.
A single character denoting the endianness:
native endian
little endian
big endian
An integer number in decimal.
The name of an output plugin. Run `gbsplay -o list' to get a list of all available output plugins.


Set the output endianness.
Set the fadeout time in seconds. Instead of cutting the subsong off hard, do a soft fadeout.
Enable or disable loop mode. In loop mode the playback will restart from the beginning after the last subsong has been played.
Set the sound output plugin.
Set the samplerate in Hz.
Set the refresh delay in milliseconds. Larger values will lower CPU usage, but things as subsong changes, fadeouts, reactions to keypresses and the on-screen display will be delayed.
Set the silence timeout in seconds. When a subsong contains silence for the given time, the player will skip to the next subsong.
Set the subsong gap in seconds. Before playing the next subsong after the subsong timeout, subsong-gap seconds of silence will be played.
Set the subsong timeout in seconds. When a subsong has been played for the given time, the player will skip to the next subsong. A timeout of 0 seconds disables automatic subsong changes.
Set the verbosity level (default: 3). A value of 0 means no messages on stdout.


Default location of the global configuration file.
User configuration file.


If you encounter bugs, please report them via or write to <>.


A simple configuration file might look like this:

# select NAS output plugin and play subsongs for at most 5 minutes
output_plugin = nas
subsong_timeout = 300


gbsplay was written by Tobias Diedrich <> (with contributions from others, see README).


gbsplay is licensed under GNU GPL v1 or, at your option, any later version.


gbsplay(1), gbsinfo(1)

unknown Tobias Diedrich