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FOTOXX(1) Fotoxx man page FOTOXX(1)


Fotoxx - photo/image editor and collection manager


Organize and manage a large image collection. Edit and optimize photos and other images, edit metadata, search images, and perform batch operations.
Fotoxx is a GTK GUI application. The included user manual explains Fotoxx operation in great detail. The following is a summary of capabilities.


• Organize and manage a very large photo/image collection.
• Thumbnail browser/navigator with adjustable thumb size and list view.
• Click thumbnail for full-size view, image zoom in/out and pan/scroll.
• RAW file conversion, single or batch, save with 8 or 16 bits/color.
• Edit RAW files directly using RawTherapee or the Fotoxx edit functions.
• Large set of functions to edit, repair, enhance, and transform images.
• Internal processing in 24 bits per color (float), output in 8 or 16 bits.
• Edited files have a version number, originals are retained by default.
• Fast edit visual feedback using the full image or selected zoom-in area.
• Undo/Redo edits, go back and forth to compare original and edited versions.
• Conventional edit functions include: brightness, contrast, color balance,
saturation, trim/crop, rotate, upright, resize, sharpen, denoise, blur,
paint, draw text/line/arrow/box, red eyes, smart erase (remove spoilers),
fix perspective, warp/unwarp, HDR, panorama, stack/edit, photo montage ...
• Advanced edit functions to bring out details and add flair to an image:
Edit brightness distribution, Global/zonal Retinex, Gradients ...
• A large set of creative special effects and arty transforms is available:
sketch, cartoon, drawing, emboss, tiles, dither, painting, mosaic, sphere,
tiny planet, Escher spiral, custom convolution kernels ...
• Most edit functions can be 'painted' locally and gradually with the mouse.
• Select image objects or areas to edit separately from the background:
outline by hand, follow feature edges, 'flood' into matching colors ...
• Special selection tool for complex image features (e.g. hair, foliage).
• Copy areas within and across images by mouse painting and blending.
• Create or maintain transparent image areas while editing.
• Mashup: arrange images and text in an arbitrary layout using the mouse.
• Custom scripts: record a series of edits and use as a new edit function.
• Custom favorites menu: select and arrange icons and text in popup window.
• Plugins: use other edit apps (e.g. Gimp) as Fotoxx plug-in edit function.
• Batch tools for renaming, resizing, converting, processing RAW files,
adding/revising/reporting metadata, and executing custom edit scripts.
• Metadata edit and report (tags, dates, captions, geotags ... any metadata).
• Search images using any metadata and folder/file names or partial names:
dates, tags, locations, ratings, captions, comments, exposure data ...
• Show a table of image locations and date groups, click for image gallery.
• Show an image calendar, click on year or month for a gallery of images.
• Click markers on a scalable internet map for gallery of images at location.
• Use locally stored maps: world, continents, nations, cities, custom maps.
• View 360 degree panorama image (Google Street View format).
• Show video files (first frame) in thumbnails, view full size, play video.
• Show animated GIF files (first frame) in thumbnails, play animation.
• Bookmarks: assign names to file locations, list names, goto name (gallery).
• Create albums linking selected images. Arrange sequence by drag and drop.
• Slide show: show album images with animated transitions and pan/zoom.
• Print an image at any scale. Printer color calibration tool is available.
• Custom keyboard shortcuts can be assigned to most functions.
• Comprehensive user guide and context help popups via F1 key.


The User Guide is available from the menu Help > User Guide
The home page for Fotoxx is at


Written by Mike Cornelison <>

2020-01-01 Linux