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filetea(8) System Manager's Manual filetea(8)


filetea - Web based file sharing service daemon


filetea [OPTIONS]


This manual page documents briefly the filetea command.

FileTea is a Web service that provides instant and anonymous file-sharing using only a standard browser as client. Unlike traditional Web based file-sharing services, FileTea does not store files server-side. Instead, files are just routed on-the-fly from seeder to leecher, through the server.

filetea is the service daemon that runs on a FileTea server. It handles peer synchronization, file routing and status reporting; and also acts as web-server for static HTML content when run in standalone mode.


Display a brief summary of the command-line options and their default values.
Absolute path for the configuration file to use, default is /etc/filetea/filetea.conf.
Run the service in the background.
Port to listen on for plain HTTP service, overriding the value specified in configuration file.
Port to listen on for secure HTTP service (https), overriding the value specified in configuration file.


Filetea config file.


This manpage has been written by Eduardo Lima Mitev <>