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fai-debconf(1) fai-debconf(1)


fai-debconf - set debconf values using classes


fai-debconf [OPTION] DIRECTORY


This command is only called internally by FAI and not directly by the user.

fai-debconf reads files in DIRECTORY which are also a defined class. If the name of the class is a directory, all files in the directory are read. The files must have the format of debconf-get-selections(1). All the input is used to call debconf-set-selections(1). This is done in the chroot environment if the variable $ROOTCMD is set. After setting the debconf values, dpkg-reconfigure(8) is called for every installed package and for which some debconf data was set.


Show help, version and summary of options.
Skip reconfiguration of packages. Only set values in debconf database.
Create verbose output.
Add additional debugging output. Implies the -v option.
Run dpkg-reconfigure for all packages FAI has information on, not only for those whose database entries were modified.


debconf-get-selections(1), debconf-set-selections(1), dpkg-reconfigure(8)

This program is part of FAI (Fully Automatic Installation). The FAI homepage is


Written by Thomas Lange <>

23 September 2008 FAI 3