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dvbscan(1) General Commands Manual dvbscan(1)


dvbscan - a program to produce DVB-T channels.conf files.


dvbscan [options]<initialscanfile>


This manual page documents briefly the dvbscan commands.

dvbscan is a program to produce DVB-T channels.conf files.


print this help text
adapter to use (default 0)
frontend to use (default 0)
demux to use (default 0)
Optional sec.conf file
ID of the SEC configuration to use, one of: * UNIVERSAL (default) - Europe, 10800 to 11800 MHz and 11600 to 12700 Mhz, Dual LO, loband 9750, hiband 10600 MHz * DBS - Expressvu, North America, 12200 to 12700 MHz, Single LO, 11250 MHz * STANDARD - 10945 to 11450 Mhz, Single LO, 10000 Mhz * ENHANCED - Astra, 10700 to 11700 MHz, Single LO, 9750 MHz * C-BAND - Big Dish, 3700 to 4200 MHz, Single LO, 5150 Mhz * C-MULTI - Big Dish - Multipoint LNBf, 3700 to 4200 MHz, Dual LO, H:5150MHz, V:5750MHz * One of the sec definitions from the secfile if supplied
Specify DISEQC switch position for DVB-S
Specify inversion (default: auto)
Use UK DVB-T channel ordering if present.
Specify filter timeout to use (standard specced values will be used by default)
Specify service filter, a comma seperated list of the following tokens: If no filter is supplied, all services will be output * tv - Output TV channels * radio - Output radio channels * other - Output other channels * encrypted - Output encrypted channels
Output in raw format to <filename> or stdout -out channels <filename>|- Output in channels.conf format to <filename> or stdout -out vdr12 <filename>|- Output in vdr 1.2.x format to <filename> or stdout -out vdr13 <filename>|- Output in vdr 1.3.x format to <filename> or stdout

This manual page was written by Uwe Bugla <>.

February 14, 2009