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CRYSTAL-FACET-UML(1) crystal-facet-uml Command Line CRYSTAL-FACET-UML(1)


crystal-facet-uml - creates a set of uml diagrams. crystal-facet-uml ensures consistency of relationships and uml element names between different diagrams. crystal-facet-uml exports diagrams in various vector and pixel-based image formats.


crystal-facet-uml [-u databasefile ]

crystal-facet-uml {-t | -rdatabasefile

crystal-facet-uml {-h | -v}

crystal-facet-uml [-e databasefile file_format export_directory ]


crystal-facet-uml provides a graphical user interface to

•create diagrams,

•create UML/SysML elements,

•move, modify and delete elements,

•create, modify and delete relationships,

•cut, copy, paste elements between diagrams,

•undo and redo are supported,

•multiple windows can show different or same parts of the uml model,

•search for elements.

Diagrams are layouted part-automatically:

•The user chooses the relative location of uml elements towards others,

•crystal-facet-uml selects the exact locations of uml elements.

•The user controls the positions of messages/transitions in sequence and timing diagrams,

•crystal-facet-uml auto-layouts relationships in other diagrams.

crystal-facet-uml manages a meta model:

•Diagrams are organized as a tree, similar to a book's table-of-contents;

•Uml(TM)/SysML(TM) elements exist only once even if shown in many diagrams;

•Relationships and features are consistent between all diagrams;

•Diagram-local messages/transitions are supported in scenario-based interaction diagrams: sequence, communication, timing, interaction overview.

Diagrams can be exported as

•vector graphics: pdf, ps, svg,

•pixel graphics: png,

•textual representation: utf-8-txt, DocBook, xhtml,

•machine-readable model: xmi(TM).

crystal-facet-uml can also be started from command line

•to export all diagrams automatically or

•to check and repair database files.


Without options, the program starts in graphical mode. See crystal-facet-uml_documentation.pdf for graphical mode usage.

-u databasefile

Starts in graphical mode and opens the databasefile immediately.

-t databasefile

Tests the consistency of a databasefile.

-r databasefile

Tests the consistency of a databasefile and repairs found issues.


Show summary of options.


Show version

-e databasefile file_format export_directory

Exports all diagrams of a databasefile in file_format to the export_directory. Valid formats are: pdf, ps, png, svg, txt, xhtml, docbook, xmi.


The following diagnostics may be issued on syslog:

EVT : ...

An event occurred.

ANOM: ...

Something unexpected happened that was handled.

WARN: ...

Something unexpected happened that may cause a failure.

ERR : ...

Something unexpected happened that has caused a failure.

journalctl -f allows one to read the syslog.


The upstreams BTS can be found at


Andreas Warnke <>

wrote this manpage for Unix and Linux systems.


Copyright © 2018-2021 Andreas Warnke

This manual page was written for Unix and Linux systems.

Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document under the terms of the Apache-2.0 License.

01/02/2021 crystal-facet-uml