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crossgrader(1) General Commands Manual crossgrader(1)


crossgrader - change the architecture of your Debian installation


crossgrader [-h] [--second-stage] [--third-stage OLD_ARCH] [--download-only] [--install-from [INSTALL_FROM]] [--force-unavailable] [--force-initramfs] [-f] [-p PACKAGES [PACKAGES ...]] [--dry-run] [--cleanup] target_arch


Target architecture of the crossgrade

Run the second stage of the crossgrading process (crossgrading all remaining

Run the third stage of the crossgrading process (removing all packages under
specified arch)

Perform target package listing and download, but not installation

Perform .deb installation from a specified location (default:
/var/cache/apt/archives), but not package listing and download

Force crossgrade even if not all packages to be crossgraded are available in
the target architecture

Force crossgrade even if not all initramfs hooks could be crossgraded

Equivalent to --force-install --force-initramfs

Crossgrade the subsequent package names and nothing else. If used with
--third-stage, the subsequent packages will be excluded from removal

Run the crossgrader, but do not change anything

Clean up any extra files stored by the crossgrader. The given architecture
will be ignored.


crossgrader was written by Kevin Wu <>.


The latest version of crossgrader may be downloaded from