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makeflow_mpi_starter(1) Cooperative Computing Tools makeflow_mpi_starter(1)


makeflow_mpi_starter - mpi wrapper program for makeflow and workqueue


makeflow_mpi_starter [options]


makeflow_mpi_starter is an MPI wrapper program that will start Makeflow and WorkQueue on the nodes allocated to it. It is intended as a simple, easy way for users to take advantage of MPI-based system while using Makeflow and WorkQueue. To use it, the user simply needs to call it as one would a regular MPI program. For the program to work, cctools needs to be configured with --with-mpicc-path.


When makeflow_mpi_starter is ran without arguments, it will attempt to execute the workflow specified by the Makeflow dagfile.


Options to pass to makeflow, such as dagfile, etc
The port for Makeflow to use when communicating with workers
Options to pass to work_queue_worker
Where to copy out all files produced
Base Debug file name
 -h, --help
Print out this help


On success, returns zero. On failure, returns non-zero.


Run with debugging:

mpirun -np $NUM_PROC makeflow_mpi_starter -m "" -d mydebug

Run makeflow with custom port:

mpirun -np $NUM_PROC makeflow_mpi_starter -m "" -d mydebug -p 9001

Run makeflow with garbage collection

mpirun -np $NUM_PROC makeflow_mpi_starter -m "-gall" -d mydebug

Example SGE submission script

#$ -pe mpi-* 120         
#$ -q debug              
#$ -N mpi_starter_example     
module load ompi
mpirun -np $NSLOTS makeflow_mpi_starter -m "" -d mydebug


The Cooperative Computing Tools are Copyright (C) 2005-2019 The University of Notre Dame. This software is distributed under the GNU General Public License. See the file COPYING for details.


CCTools 7.1.2 FINAL