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make_growfs(1) Cooperative Computing Tools make_growfs(1)


make_growfs - generate directory listings for the GROW filesystem


make_growfs [options] <directory>


make_growfs prepares a local filesystem to be exported as a GROW filesystem which can be accessed by parrot_run(1). Given a directory as an argument, it recursively visits all of the directories underneath and creates files named .__growfsdir that summarize the metadata of all files in that directory.

Once the directory files are generated, the files may be accessed through a web server as if there were on a full-fledged filesystem with complete metadata.


Give verbose messages.
Create checksums for files. (default)
Disable checksums for files.
Follow all symbolic links.
Do not follow any symbolic links.
Only follow links that fall outside the root. (default)
Show help text.


On success, returns zero. On failure, returns non-zero.


Suppose that your university web server exports the directory /home/fred/www as To create a GROW filesystem, put whatever files and directories you like into /home/fred/www. Then, run the following to generate the GROW data:

% make_growfs /home/fred/www

Now that the GROW data is generated, you can use parrot_run(1) to treat the web address as a read-only filesystem:

% parrot_run bash
% cd /growfs/
% ls -la


The Cooperative Computing Tools are Copyright (C) 2005-2019 The University of Notre Dame. This software is distributed under the GNU General Public License. See the file COPYING for details.


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