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/etc/containerd/config.toml(5) File Formats Manual /etc/containerd/config.toml(5)


containerd-config.toml - configuration file for containerd


The config.toml file is a configuration file for the containerd daemon. The file must be placed at /etc/containerd/config.toml or specified with the --config option of containerd to be used by the daemon. If the file does not exist at the appropriate location or is not provided via the --config option containerd uses its default configuration settings, which can be displayed with the containerd config(1) command.


The TOML file used to configure the containerd daemon settings has a short list of global settings followed by a series of sections for specific areas of daemon configuration. There is also a section for plugins that allows each containerd plugin to have an area for plugin-specific configuration and settings.


The root directory for containerd metadata. (Default: "/var/lib/containerd")

The state directory for containerd (Default: "/run/containerd")

The out of memory (OOM) score applied to the containerd daemon process (Default: 0)

Imports is a list of additional configuration files to include. This allows to split the main configuration file and keep some sections separately (for example vendors may keep a custom runtime configuration in a separate file without modifying the main config.toml). Imported files will overwrite simple fields like int or string (if not empty) and will append array and map fields. Imported files are also versioned, and the version can't be higher than the main config.

Section for gRPC socket listener settings. Contains three properties:
  • address (Default: "/run/containerd/containerd.sock")
  • uid (Default: 0)
  • gid (Default: 0)

Section to enable and configure a debug socket listener. Contains four properties:
  • address (Default: "/run/containerd/debug.sock")
  • uid (Default: 0)
  • gid (Default: 0)
  • level (Default: "info") sets the debug log level

Section to enable and configure a metrics listener. Contains two properties:
  • address (Default: "") Metrics endpoint does not listen by default
  • grpc_histogram (Default: false) Turn on or off gRPC histogram metrics

Section for Linux cgroup specific settings
path (Default: "") Specify a custom cgroup path for created containers

The plugins section contains configuration options exposed from installed plugins. The following plugins are enabled by default and their settings are shown below. Plugins that are not enabled by default will provide their own configuration values documentation.
  • [plugins.cgroup] has one option no_prometheus (Default: false)
  • [plugins.diff] has one option default, a list by default set to ["walking"]
  • [plugins.linux] has several options for configuring the runtime, shim, and related options: shim specifies the shim binary (Default: "containerd-shim"), runtime is the OCI compliant runtime binary (Default: "runc"), runtime_root is the root directory used by the runtime (Default: ""), no_shim specifies whether to use a shim or not (Default: false), shim_debug turns on debugging for the shim (Default: false)
  • [plugins.scheduler] has several options that perform advanced tuning for the scheduler: pause_threshold is the maximum amount of time GC should be scheduled (Default: 0.02), deletion_threshold guarantees GC is scheduled after n number of deletions (Default: 0 [not triggered]), mutation_threshold guarantees GC is scheduled after n number of database mutations (Default: 100), schedule_delay defines the delay after trigger event before scheduling a GC (Default "0ms" [immediate]), startup_delay defines the delay after startup before scheduling a GC (Default "100ms")


The following is a complete config.toml default configuration example:

root = "/var/lib/containerd"
state = "/run/containerd"
oom_score = 0
imports = ["/etc/containerd/runtime_*.toml", "./debug.toml"]

address = "/run/containerd/containerd.sock"
uid = 0
gid = 0 [debug]
address = "/run/containerd/debug.sock"
uid = 0
gid = 0
level = "info" [metrics]
address = ""
grpc_histogram = false [cgroup]
path = "" [plugins]
no_prometheus = false
default = ["walking"]
shim = "containerd-shim"
runtime = "runc"
runtime_root = ""
no_shim = false
shim_debug = false
pause_threshold = 0.02
deletion_threshold = 0
mutation_threshold = 100
schedule_delay = 0
startup_delay = "100ms"


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Phil Estes ⟨⟩


ctr(8), containerd-config(8), containerd(8)