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CIFPARSE(1) General Commands Manual CIFPARSE(1)


cifparse - parse CIF file(s), check syntax, and optionally output pretty-printed data.


src/components/codcif/cifparse --options < input.cif

src/components/codcif/cifparse --options input.cif

src/components/codcif/cifparse --options input1.cif input2.cif inputs*.cif


Parse CIF file(s), check syntax, and optionally output pretty-printed data.


-c, --compile-only
Only compile the CIF (check syntax). Prints out
the filename and 'OK' or 'FAILED' to STDOUT, along
with error messages to STDERR.

-f, --fix-syntax
Attempt to fix some errors in inputs CIF files, such as
missing data_ headers or unterminated quoted strings.

-f-, --dont-fix-syntax
Do not attempt to fix syntax errors in input CIF files.

-p, --print
Print out data in CIF format (a kind of CIF pretty-printer).

-d, --debug lex,yacc
Specify one or several (comma-separated) debugging options.

Currently supported debugging options are:
Dump internal data structures for inspection.
Switch on (F)LEX token printout.
Ask YACC/BISON to report which rules they reduce.
Print out YACC/BISON's yylval.
Dump the perceived input file text.
Dump intermediate CIF code representation.

-l, --line-length-limit 80
Set the maximum line length for --report-long checks.

-w, --dataname-length-limit 74
Set the maximum tag length for --report-long checks.

-q, --quiet
Be quiet, only output error messages and data.

-q-, --no-quiet, --verbose
Produce verbose output of the parsing process.

-r, --report-long-items
Report CIF items (lines, data names) that are longer
longer than mandated by the standard.

-r-, --do-not-report-long-items
Ignore long items in CIF, process all data.

-s, --suppress-errors
Suppress error messages from the parser.

-s-, --do-not-suppress-errors
Print parser messages to STDERR (default).

-M, --dump-messages
Do not use accumulated CIF messages (default).

-M-, --do-not-dump-messages
Dump accumulated message texts from the CIF object.

-u, --unfold-lines
Unfold long lines (default).

-u-, --do-not-unfold-lines
Leave folded lines as they are.

Print program version (SVN Id) and exit.

Print short usage message (this message) and exit.


Report cifparse bugs using e-mail: