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ct2util(1) User Commands ct2util(1)


ct2util - manual page for CheeseCutter 2 utilities (Nov 12 2018)


ct2util <command> <options> <infile> <-o outfile>


CheeseCutter 2 utilities (Nov 12 2018)

ct2util import <infile> <infile2> <-o outfile> ct2util init <binaryfile> <-o outfile>


Export song (.ct) to PRG file
Export song (.ct) to SID file
Dump song data to assembler source (BETA)
Copy data from another song without overwriting the player
Create a fresh .ct from player binary

General options:

Set output filename (by default gathered from input filename)

Export options:

Relocate output to address (default = )
Set the default subtune (1-32)
Export single subtune (1-32) (disables -d)
Relocate zero page (valid range 2-)
Don't output information

Prefix value options with '0x' or '$' to indicate a hexadecimal value.


ccutter(1), klystrack(1), protracker(1), hivelytracker(1), schismtracker(1), goattracker(1).

November 2018 CheeseCutter 2 utilities (Nov 12 2018)