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PARSEDB.PY(1) User Commands PARSEDB.PY(1)

NAME - Repertoire clonal assignment toolkit (Python 3)


usage: [--version] [-h] ...

Parses tab delimited database files


show program's version number and exit
show this help message and exit


Database operation
Adds field and value pairs.
Deletes specific records.
Deletes entire fields.
Adds a numeric index field.
Renames fields.
Selects specific records.
Sorts records by field values.
Updates field and value pairs.
Merges files.
Splits database files by field values.

output files:

FASTA formatted sequences output from the subcommands fasta and clip.
database files partitioned by annotation <field> and <value>.
output of the database modification functions where <command> is one of the subcommands add, index, drop, delete, rename, select, sort or update.

required fields:



This manpage was written by Nilesh Patra for the Debian distribution and
can be used for any other usage of the program.

October 2020 1.0.1