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CGSNAPSHOT(1) libcgroup Manual CGSNAPSHOT(1)


cgsnapshot - generate the configuration file for given controllers


cgsnapshot [-h] [-s] [-t] [-b file] [-w file] [-f output_file] [controller] [...]


cgsnapshot generates the cgconfig compatible configuration file for the given controllers. If no controller is set, then cgsnapshot shows all mounted hierarchies. The output is in the same format as the cgconfig.conf configuration file.

Display only variables from the blacklist. The default location of the blacklist is /etc/cgsnapshot_blacklist.conf. This list contains all variables which should be ignored by the cgsnapshot If the variable is blacklisted, it will not be displayed. If it is not present on the blacklist, the whitelist is checked.

display this help and exit

Redirect the output to output_file

Ignore all warnings

Do not display the variables which are not on the whitelist

Set the blacklist configuration file. This list contains all variables which should be displayed by cgsnapshot If the variable is not blacklisted, the whitelist is checked. If the variable is on the whitelist, it is displayed by cgsnapshot If the variable is not on the whitelist, the variable is displayed and a warning message is produced. By default the whitelist is not used.

The warning message can be omitted using the -s, --silent flag. If the -t, --strict flag is used, the variable which is not on the whitelist is not displayed.

defines the controller whose hierarchies will be output


controls verbosity of the tool. Allowed values are DEBUG, INFO, WARNING or ERROR.


default blacklist

default whitelist

default libcgroup configuration file


cgconfig.conf (5)

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