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CGREEN-RUNNER(1) General Commands Manual CGREEN-RUNNER(1)


cgreen-runner - an auto-discovering runner for the Cgreen unittest and mocking framework


cgreen-runner [--colour] [--xml prefix] [--suite name] [--verbose] [--no-run] [--help] ( LIBRARY [test] )+


Cgreen is a framework for creating and running compact and easy-to-read unittests for C and/or C++. After compiling your tests and linking them together with the code/class/subject under test (CUT/SUT) into a shared dynamically loadable LIBRARY you can auto-discover and run all tests using the cgreen-runner without having to manually add each and every test that you write to a suite programmatically.

This makes the TDD cycle even faster and less error-prone, one less thing to remember.


Discover and run all, or a single named, cgreen test(s) from one or multiple dynamically loadable library.

A single test can be run using the form [<context>:]<name> where <context> can be omitted if there is no context.


Use colours to emphasis result (requires ANSI-capable terminal)

Instead of messages on stdout, write results into one XML-file per suite, compatible with Hudson/Jenkins CI. The filename(s) will be 'prefix-<suite>.xml'

Give the top level suite name instead of the name in the LIBRARY.

Don't run the tests.

Show progress information during run.

Show version information and exit.

Print some usage information and exit.



The full documentation for cgreen-runner and the Cgreen framework is in the Cgreen manual available at