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bamadapterfind - find adapter contamination in sequencing reads


bamdapterfind [options]


bamdapterfind scans a BAM file for contaminations by sequencing adapters. It uses two separate methods for this detection:

each read is matched against a predefined list of adapter sequences. A sequence is considered as matching if there is an overlap of a least adpmatchminscore bases, the overlap covers at least a factor of adpmatchminfrac of the adapter's length and the indel free local alignment between the adapter and the read covers at least a factor of adpmatchminpfrac of the length of the possible overlap between the two. If such a match is found, then the auxiliary field as is filled with the length of the match, af is filled with the fraction of the adapter sequence matched and aa is filled with the name of the matched adapter sequence.
the two mates need to have a match similar to the following two lines


where an infix s0s1s2... of the first read matches a suffix of the reverse complement of the second read. In this case it is likely that the first read has been sequenced beyond the end of the payload sequence and into the attached adapter. This overlap needs to be at least MIN_OVERLAP bases long to be considered. If such an overlap is found, then the adjacent sequences are checked for a match, where in the example x3x2x1x0 needs to be the reverse complement of t0t1t2t3. The adjacent sequences are checked up to a limit of ADAPTER_MATCH base pairs. If such a match is found then the auxiliary field ah is set to 1 and a3 is used to store the length of the suspected adapter sequence.

The following key=value pairs can be given at the program start:

level=<-1|0|1|9|11>: set compression level of the output BAM file. Valid values are

zlib/gzip default compression level
zlib/gzip level 1 (fast) compression
zlib/gzip level 9 (best) compression

If libmaus has been compiled with support for igzip (see then an additional valid value is

igzip compression

verbose=<1>: Valid values are

print progress report on standard error
do not print progress report

mod=<1048576>: if verbose=1 then this sets the frequency of progress reports, i.e. a report is given for each mod'th input read/alignment

adaptersbam=<>: file name of the BAM file containing the list of adapter used for the adapter matching described above under list. The program contains an internal list which is used if this key is not given.

SEED_LENGTH=<12>: length of the seed used for detecting overlaps in overlap based matching (see overlap above, default value is 12 base pairs).

PCT_MISMATCH=<10>: percentage of mismatches allowed for overlap matching. This only includes the overlap, not the suspected attached adapter sequence. The default value is 10.

MAX_SEED_MISMATCHES=<SEED_LENGTH*PCT_MISMATCH>: maximum number of mismatches allowed in the seed. By default this value is computed as SEED_LENGTH*PCT_MISMATCH.

MIN_OVERLAP=<32>: minimum length of overlap for overlap matching in base pairs (see above). The default value is 32.

ADAPTER_MATCH=<12>: maximum number of base pairs to check for matching adapters in overlap based matching. The default value is 12.

adpmatchminscore=<16> minimum score for list based adapter matching (see above, default value is 16)

adpmatchminfrac=<0.75> minimum fraction of adapter sequence which needs to match (see above, default value is 0.75=75%)

adpmatchminpfrac=<0.8> minimum fraction of overlap for adapter list matching (see above, default value is 0.8=80%)

clip=<0> clip the adapters off and move the corresponding sequence part to the qs auxiliary field and the corresponding quality string part to the qq auxiliary field

reflen=<3000000000> length of reference sequence/genome

pA=<0.25> relative frequency of base A in reference sequence/genome

pC=<0.25> relative frequency of base C in reference sequence/genome

pG=<0.25> relative frequency of base G in reference sequence/genome

pT=<0.25> relative frequency of base T in reference sequence/genome


Written by German Tischler.


Report bugs to <>


Copyright © 2009-2013 German Tischler, © 2011-2013 Genome Research Limited. License GPLv3+: GNU GPL version 3 <>
This is free software: you are free to change and redistribute it. There is NO WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by law.