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binfmtcxx(1) binfmt_C binfmtcxx(1)


binfmtcxx-interpreter - binfmt_misc C++ handler


binfmtcxx-interpreter C++-source-file-name [command-line opions ...]


binfmtcxx-interpreter compiles a C++ source file specified on the command-line using C++ compiler, and executes the resulting file.

It is designed to be used as a handler for binfmt_misc handler, which is a system used in Linux for handling arbitrary files as executables.

The command-line options are passed on to the compiled binary.


There is a requirement for C++ source files to have the magic characters /*BINFMTCXX: at the beginning of the file.

That line also is used to specify the additional command-line options for C++ compiler.


The compiler used. The default is to use g++

The compiler used, if GXX variable is not set.

Will fall back to using GCC and CC

Temporary directory used for binary and execution.

Falls back to $TMPDIR $TEMPDIR or /tmp

enables debug output if set.

Additional G++ options. Use BINFMTC_DEBUG to verify the options being passed on to g++.

The default is -O0 -Wall -g


Junichi Uekawa (

Upstream page is available at


binfmtasm-interpreter(1), binfmtc-interpreter(1), binfmtcxx-interpreter(1), binfmtf-interpreter(1), binfmtf95-interpreter(1), binfmtgcj-interpreter(1)

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