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BAZEL(1) General Commands Manual BAZEL(1)


bazel, bazel-3 - tool to automate software builds and tests


bazel <command> <options> ...


[bazel release 3.4.0]

Available commands:

Analyzes build profile data.
Analyzes the given targets and queries the action graph.
Builds the specified targets.
Canonicalizes a list of bazel options.
Removes output files and optionally stops the server.
Generates code coverage report for specified test targets.
Loads, analyzes, and queries the specified targets w/ configurations.
Dumps the internal state of the bazel server process.
Fetches external repositories that are prerequisites to the targets.
Prints help for commands, or the index.
Displays runtime info about the bazel server.
Prints the license of this software.
Installs targets to mobile devices.
Prints the command line args for compiling a file.
Executes a dependency graph query.
Runs the specified target.
Stops the bazel server.
Syncs all repositories specified in the workspace file
Builds and runs the specified test targets.
Prints version information for bazel.

Getting more help:

bazel help <command>
Prints help and options for <command>.
bazel help startup_options
Options for the JVM hosting bazel.
bazel help target-syntax
Explains the syntax for specifying targets.
bazel help info-keys
Displays a list of keys used by the info command.


The full documentation for bazel is maintained as a Texinfo manual. If the info and bazel programs are properly installed at your site, the command

info bazel

should give you access to the complete manual.

August 2020