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bandit(1) General Commands Manual bandit(1)


bandit - Security oriented static analyzer for python code


bandit [-h] [-r] [-a {file,vuln}] [-n CONTEXT_LINES] [-c CONFIG_FILE]" "User Commands"

positional arguments:

source file(s) or directory(s) to be tested

optional arguments:

show this help message and exit
process files in subdirectories
group results by vulnerability type or file it occurs in
max number of code lines to display for each issue identified
test config file, defaults to /etc/bandit/bandit.yaml, or./bandit.yaml if not given
test set profile in config to use (defaults to all tests)
results level filter
specify output format
write report to filename
show extra information like excluded and included files
turn on debug mode
[-p PROFILE] [-l] [-f {csv,json,txt,xml}] [-o OUTPUT_FILE] [-v] [-d] targets [targets ...]