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AusweisApp2(1) General Commands Manual AusweisApp2(1)


AusweisApp2 - Official authentication app for German ID cards and residence permits


AusweisApp2 [-h|--help]
AusweisApp2 [--help-all]
AusweisApp2 [-v|--version]
AusweisApp2 [--show]
AusweisApp2 [--keep] [--no-logfile] [--no-loghandler] [--show] [--no-proxy] [--ui { Qml|WebSocket }] [-p PORT]


AusweisApp2 allows you to authenticate yourself against websites via your German ID card and residence permits.

You will need:
* an ID card that is enabled for online authentication
* A compatible NFC device (most NFC readers should work, NFC-enabled phones can * also be used)
* AusweisApp2
* A browser
* A website that supports authentication via German ID card

When you visit such a website, AusweisApp2 will be triggered and will ask you if you want to authenticate against the website.

This program will provide a local webserver for your browser to interface against.


Displays a short help message.

Displays help including Qt specific options.

Displays version information.

By default, AusweisApp2 writes a log to a file matching ${TMP}/AusweisApp2.*.log. When the program terminates, it will be deleted. This setting prevents deletion.

Suppress writing a log file to ${TMP}/AusweisApp2.*.log. Logs will still be written to STDOUT.

Disable default log handler. This disables logging to STDOUT.

Show window on startup.

Disable system proxy.

Use given UI plugin. "Qml" will start the program with a visible UI, "WebSocket" will let it start in the background as an SDK. This is only useful when integrating AusweisApp2 into other programs. Default is "Qml,Websocket".

Change the listening port for the WebSocket. Default is 24727. Selecting "0" is a special case. AusweisApp2 will then select a random port and write the port number to a file in ${TMP}/AusweisApp2.<PID>.port.


AusweisApp2 will return 0 when sucessfully terminated.


You may force the session type to wayland or X11. This is only needed for debugging purposes. XDG_SESSION_TYPE will be ignored on gnome.


~/.config/AusweisApp2_CE/AusweisApp2.conf File path where the user config is saved.


Currently there is no way to terminate the program on gnome as the TrayIcon is mandatory.


This man page was written by Lee Garrett ( for Debian (but may be used by others).