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myatscc(1) General Commands Manual myatscc(1)


myatscc - Simple ATS2 compiler frontend


myatscc [options] files...


myatscc is a frontend intended to simplify the compilation of ATS source code. myatscc attempts to figure out the necessary flags to compile any .dats file given to it on the command-line. A special comment-based syntax is provided for specifying options to the the myatscc frontend, and these comments are written directly into the source file to be compiled.


See the commands that myatscc would generate without actually running them.
For use of the Boehm garbage collector for malloc.
Show usage information.


Whatever needed for compiling foo.dats should be written as some form of comment inside foo.dats. For instance, the following comment is assumed to be the default (if nothing is given explicitly):

patscc -D_GNU_SOURCE -DATS_MEMALLOC_LIBC -o $fname($1) $1

Then on the command line the file may be compiled with:

myatscc foo.dats


patsopt(1), patscc(1)
These programs are documented fully by The ATS2/Postiats user's manual available via the web at


myatscc was written by Hongwei Xi.

This manual page was written by Matthew Danish <>, for the Debian project (and may be used by others).

July 30, 2018