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atscc(1) General Commands Manual atscc(1)


atscc - ATS compiler frontend


atscc [options] files...


atscc is a frontend to the atsopt Anairiats compiler for the ATS language.


atscc has a command-line option syntax in the style of gcc and accepts all the same options, many of them being passed directly to the gcc backend. Here are summarized the non-gcc options.

Only compile the given ATS source files into C files.
Enable the garbage collector in the generated executable.
Add a path to search for ATS files when doing static and dynamic loads.
Typecheck the given ATS source files, but go no further.
Show ATS/Anairiats version and gcc version.


atscc -o test -O3 test.dats

Compile test.dats to an executable named test. Tell gcc to use the third level of optimization.

atscc -tc test.dats

Typecheck test.dats only.

atscc -o test.o -c test.dats

Compile test.dats to an object file named test.o.


atsopt(1), atslex(1),
These programs are documented fully by The ATS/Anairiats user's manual available via the web at


atscc was written by Hongwei Xi.

This manual page was written by Matthew Danish <>, for the Debian project (and may be used by others).

February 22, 2010