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asused(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation asused(3pm)


asused - summaries address space used and according to the RIPE DB and REG.


asused [--all] [--aw | --approval] [--overlap] [--status | --assign[--pipa] ] regid

asused [--all] [--aw | [--approval] [--overlap] [--status | --assign [--pipa] ] [--regid regid] (prefix ...)

asused [--<options>] regid | prefix


asused is a tool to summaries address space is registered in the RIPE database. For each allocated inetnum object a summary of used and free address space is printed. A grant total summary for all prefixes is also provided. If there are no errors in locating allocations and and assignments under an allocation. In in the total % are calculated on total allocations.


regid is name of registry as in registry database.

prefix is allocation as in whois database. e.g. a.b.c/16 . Prefix is queried whois DB to find all Less specific matches inetnum with na as netname is interpreted as allocation and summerize the allocation.




% No entries found for the selected source(s). No assignment(s) found under the allocation. May be a new allocation or allocation which has no objects in RIPE DB. Not sure to treat as 100 % free.


Perl 5.00404 or later. Connection to RIPE whois server V 2.1, Perl Modules Socket Getopt::Long, regread, ipv4pack


Could give incorrect summary if logical interpretation of Inetnum is not exact a.b.c.0 - a.b.c.0 is intended to be an assignment of size 1 IP No.

Out of memory! Noticed that when the no of assignments are very large, like 5000+ per allocation default data segment size of BSDI 3.1 is not enough. Increasing to 64 M Bytes may help. in bash shell ulimit -d 65536 eg. de.schlund

IANA Delegated blocks smaller than /8 If the allocations are outside 192,193,194,195,212 /8 and LIR allocation is same inetnum as in /ncc/ip-reg/delegations asused2 will return No allocations in RIPE DB. eg. de.callisto


whois reg i2r regread Reg::Asused Reg::Approved Net::RIPEWhois


Antony Antony <> . RIPE NCC software group. <>

2021-01-26 perl v5.32.0