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ASDFTOOL(1) User Commands ASDFTOOL(1)


asdftool - Manipulate Advanced Scientific Data Format (ASDF) files


asdftool [-h] [--verbose] {help,explode,implode,defragment,to_yaml} ...


ASDF (Advanced Scientific Data Format) is a proposed next generation interchange format for scientific data. ASDF aims to exist in the same middle ground that made FITS so successful, by being a hybrid text and binary format: containing human editable metadata for interchange, and raw binary data that is fast to load and use. Unlike FITS, the metadata is highly structured and is designed up-front for extensibility.

show this help message and exit
Increase verbosity
Display usage information
Explode a ASDF file.
Implode a ASDF file.
Defragment an ASDF file..
Convert as ASDF file to pure YAML.


Erik Bray, Michael Droettboom

February 2016 asdftool