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GENERATE(1) User Commands GENERATE(1)


Generate - Generate Target PostScrip file.


Generate Target PostScrip file


printtarg [-v] [-i instr] [-r] [-s] [-p size] basename

Verbose mode

-i 20 | 22 | 41 | 51 | SS | i1 | CM Select target instrument (default DTP41)

20 = DTP20, 22 = DTP22, 41 = DTP41, 51 = DTP51, SS = SpectroScan, i1 = i1Pro, CM = ColorMunki
Use hexagon patches for SS, double density for CM
Scale patch size and spacers by factor (e.g. 0.857 or 1.5 etc.)
Scale spacers by additional factor (e.g. 0.857 or 1.5 etc.)
Don't randomize patch location
Create a scan image recognition (.cht) file
Same as -s, but don't generate wide orientation strip.
Force colored spacers
Force B&W spacers
Force no spacers
Create PostScript DeviceN Color fallback
White colorspace encoding DeviceGray (def), DeviceRGB, Separation or DeviceN
Black colorspace encoding DeviceGray (def), DeviceCMYK, Separation or DeviceN
CMY colorspace encoding DefiveCMYK (def), inverted DeviceRGB or DeviceN
Output EPS compatible file
Output 8 bit TIFF raster file, optional res DPI (default 100)
Output 16 bit TIFF raster file, optional res DPI (default 100)
Don't use TIFF compression
Use TIFF alpha N channels more than 4
Dither 8 bit TIFF values down from 16 bit
Quantize test values to fit in nbits
Use given random start number
Apply printer calibration to patch values and include in .ti2
Include calibration in .ti2 (but don't apply it)
Use given strip indexing pattern (Default = "A-Z, A-Z")
Use given patch indexing pattern (Default = "0-9,@-9,@-9;1-999")
Set a page margin in mm (default 6.0 mm)
Set a page margin in mm and include it in TIFF
Don't limit strip length
Suppress any left paper clip border
Suppress CUPS cupsJobTicket: cups-disable-cmm in PS & EPS files
Select page size from: A4 [210.0 x 297.0 mm] A4R [297.0 x 210.0 mm] A3 [297.0 x 420.0 mm] (default) A2 [420.0 x 594.0 mm] Letter [215.9 x 279.4 mm] LetterR [279.4 x 215.9 mm] Legal [215.9 x 355.6 mm] 4x6 [101.6 x 152.4 mm] 11x17 [279.4 x 431.8 mm]
Custom size, WWW mm wide by HHH mm high
Base name for input(.ti1), output(.ti2) and output(.ps/.eps/.tif)
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