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READ(1) User Commands READ(1)


Read - Read Target Test Chart.


Read Target Test Chart


chartread [-options] outfile

Verbose mode
Set communication port from the following list (default 1)
** No ports found **
Use transmission measurement mode
Use display measurement mode (white Y relative results)
Emissive for transparency on a light box
Measure patch by patch rather than strip
Take external values, either L*a*b* (-xl) or XYZ (-xx).
Don't save spectral information (default saves spectral)
Save CIE as D50 L*a*b* rather than XYZ
Save CIE as D50 L*a*b* as well as XYZ
Resume reading partly read chart
Override calibration info from .ti2 in resulting .ti3
Set filter configuration (if aplicable):
Polarising filter
U.V. Cut
Disable initial calibration of instrument if possible
Disable auto bi-directional strip recognition
Use high resolution spectrum mode (if available)
Apply Colorimeter Correction Matrix
Use Colorimeter Calibration Spectral Samples for calibration
Choose CIE Observer for CCSS instrument: 1931_2 (def), 1964_10, S&B 1955_2, shaw, J&V 1978_2
Modify strip patch consistency tolerance by ratio
Suppress wrong strip & unexpected value warnings
Override serial port flow control: n = none, h = HW, x = Xon/Xoff
Print debug diagnostics to stderr
Base name for input[ti2]/output[ti3] file
September 2014 chartread