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CREATE(1) User Commands CREATE(1)


Create - Create CCMX or CCSS.


Create CCMX or CCSS


ccmxmake [-options] output.ccmx

Verbose mode
Create CCSS rather than CCMX

-f file1.ti3[,file2.ti3] Create from one or two .ti3 files rather than measure.

Choose X11 display name
Choose the display n from the following list (default 1) Optionally choose different display m for VideoLUT access
1 name = ':0.0' 1 = 'Screen 1, Output DVI-I-1 at 0, 0, width 1920, height 1080'
Display via a web server at port (default 8080)
Use telephoto mode (ie. for a projector) (if available)
Position test window and scale it ho,vi: 0.0 = left/top, 0.5 = center, 1.0 = right/bottom etc. ss: 0.5 = half, 1.0 = normal, 2.0 = double etc.
Fill whole screen with black background
Don't set override redirect on test window
Disable initial calibration of instrument if possible
Use high resolution spectrum mode (if available)
Invoke shell "command" each time a color is set
Choose CIE Observer for CCMX spectrometer data: 1931_2 (def), 1964_10, S&B 1955_2, shaw, J&V 1978_2
Override default patch sequence combination steps (default 1)
Override serial port flow control: n = none, h = HW, x = Xon/Xoff
Print debug diagnostics to stderr
Override the default overall description
Set display make and model description
Set display technology description (ie. CRT, LCD etc.)
Set UI selection character(s)
Set or override refresh/non-refresh display type
Override measured refresh rate with rate Hz
Use non-adaptive integration time mode (if available).
correction.ccmx | calibration.ccss
File to save result to
September 2014 ccmxmake