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COLOR(1) User Commands COLOR(1)


Color - Color Correct a TIFF file using any sequence of ICC profiles or Calibrations.


Color Correct a TIFF or JPEG file using any sequence of ICC profiles or Calibrations


cctiff [-options] {[-iintent] profile.icc | ...} infile.(tif|jpg) outfile.(tif|jpg)

Combine linearisation curves into one transform.
Use slow precise correction.
Check fast result against precise, and report.
Override the default CLUT resolution
Choose output encoding from 1..n
Set output format to Tiff or Jpeg (Default is same as input)
Set JPEG quality 1..100 (Default 80)
Read and Write planes > 4 as alpha planes
Ignore any file or profile colorspace mismatches
Don't append or set the output TIFF or JPEG description
Optionally embed a profile in the destination TIFF or JPEG file.
Then for each profile in sequence:
p = perceptual, r = relative colorimetric, s = saturation, a = absolute colorimetric
n = normal (priority: lut > matrix > monochrome) r = reverse (priority: monochrome > matrix > lut)
Device, Link or Abstract profile
( May be embedded profile in TIFF/JPEG file)
or each calibration file in sequence:
f = forward cal. (default), b = backwards cal.
Device calibration file.
Input TIFF/JPEG file in appropriate color space
outfile.tif/jpg Output TIFF/JPEG file
September 2014 cctiff