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APGDIFF(1) User Commands APGDIFF(1)


apgdiff - Another PostgreSQL Diff Tool


apgdiff [options] <old_dump> <new_dump>



displays apgdiff version


adds DEFAULT ... in case new column has NOT NULL constraint but no default value (the default value is dropped later).


adds START TRANSACTION and COMMIT TRANSACTION to generated diff file.


ignores multiple spaces and new lines when comparing content of functions - WARNING: this may cause functions to appear to be same in cases they are not, so use this feature only if you know what you are doing.


ignores START WITH modifications on SEQUENCEs (default: do not ignore these changes).


Removes the need of CREATE SCHEMA command on the input schemas

--in-charset-name <charset>:

charset that should be used for reading input files (standard charset name supported by Java; the default is UTF-8).

--out-charset-name <charset>:

charset that should be used for writing output (standard charset name supported by Java, default is UTF-8)


outputs information about DDL statements that apgdiff ignores at this moment (it will not output any SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE and/or DELETE statements).


when parsing SQL statements, ignores Slony triggers named _slony_logtrigger and _slony_denyaccess.


lists all supported charsets
June 2019 apgdiff 2.6-1