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al_set_sample(3alleg5) al_set_sample(3alleg5)


al_set_sample - Allegro 5 API


#include <allegro5/allegro_audio.h>
bool al_set_sample(ALLEGRO_SAMPLE_INSTANCE *spl, ALLEGRO_SAMPLE *data)


Change the sample data that a sample instance plays. This can be quite an involved process.

First, the sample is stopped if it is not already.

Next, if data is NULL, the sample is detached from its parent (if any).

If data is not NULL, the sample may be detached and reattached to its parent (if any). This is not necessary if the old sample data and new sample data have the same frequency, depth and channel configuration. Reattaching may not always succeed.

On success, the sample remains stopped. The playback position and loop end points are reset to their default values. The loop mode remains unchanged.

Returns true on success, false on failure. On failure, the sample will be stopped and detached from its parent.



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